Living in the Pacific Northwest in early spring I was not expecting to be fighting off mosquitos. As dusk begins these giant mosquitos decided I would be a tasty meal. I had more work to get done so I geared up with pants and long sleeves. I used my purification essential oil blend to deter mosquitos until I could get to a stopping point in my work. It worked really well so when I traveled South I decided to start deterring bugs early. I wanted to be a bug free zone well before dusk hit. Little did I factor in; mosquitos are not in season yet, as it is too dry, and citrus trees just started blooming. Honey bees are in a frantic panic for food and there is something in my oil blend that they wanted. They were polite, but very persistent. I had to wash off all my lovely oil and slather in peppermint instead. Take away message, test your oil blends to see if it attracts guests. While the bees were not malicious at all, I couldn’t handle more than five of them swarming me. They kept calling their friends over. I could not keep my calm.

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